NL Series Accessories

Enhance your NL Series Meter

WS-10 Windscreen

The WS-10 is the standard windscreen that comes standard with any purchase of a NL Series meter.

The NL-42/52/62 series sound level meters incorporate a windscreen correction function for acoustic compensation of the effect that the windscreen has upon measurement.

WS-15 All-Weather Windscreen

This windscreen is designed for outdoor installations. It helps to reduce wind noise and is equipped with rainproof features that satisfy the IPX3 water-resistant specifications. It is used with a microphone extension cable. (Optional mounting adapter WS15006 required separately)

WS-16 Windscreen Rain-Protection Windscreen

This screen is a rain-protection windscreen designed for use with sound level meters of the NL-42/52/62 series. It will protect the microphone from rain for a short period of time.

The rainproof performance of this of this windscreen is designed to satisfy the IPX3 water-resistant specifications.

TWS-01 Dual Windscreen for Wind Turbine Noise Measurement

The dual windscreen structure minimises the influence of wind during wind turbine noise measurements.

Designed for use with High Precision Sound Level Meter NL-62 (with low-frequency measurement function) or High Precision Sound Level Meter NL-52 (Use with General Purpose Sound Level Meter NL-42 also possible).

Tripods ST-80/ST-81

For stationary sound level measurement. The ST-80 can be used for general acoustic measurement as well as the NL Series sound level meters. The ST-81 is a taller more robust tripod than the ST-80. NOTE: A Tripod is required for use of the WS-15 All-Weather Windscreen.

DPU-414 Printer

Thermal printer, will print out data from device in the field.

  • Printing width 40 characters in normal mode, 80 characters in condensed mode
  • Auto-loading feature makes printer replacement easy
  • Dual power supply principle allows operation with AC adapter or rechargeable battery (Environment-friendly nickel metal hydride battery)